Cre8DnB Dub Club – Sector 4


This is a service that DJ’s have the option to sign up to in order to receive exclusive music each month from the 12 artists involved.

Blackley / Jayline / Filthy Habits / Hizzleguy / Ironlung / Magenta /

L3mmy Dubz / JTR / Tesen / Stompz / Danger / Master Error

Last Day Of Each month you will receive 4 dubs that will never be released!


This is the 4th successful year of this project.
It has been supported on Radio 1, Kiss FM & by some of the biggest names in the DnB Scene. (Noisia. Rene Lavice BBC Radio 1, Logan D, Dillinja, SASASAS, Blackley + Many More)

Any Issues with your Subscription please email


  • Automatic pay monthly

  • 48 Dubs in total by end of the year

  • 4 dubs a month

  • Received on the last Day of each month

  • Dubs sent to PayPal email adress used to pay

  • Limited to 200 Spaces