CRE8 USB LIMITED QTY 200 (Half Sold)!

CRE8 USB LIMITED QTY 200 (Half Sold)!


Due to the success of the Cre8DnB Dub Club project we launched in January we have decided to end the year with a special USB project!

We have 12 artists making up our CRE8USB team each providing you with 2 fresh exclusive tracks that will never go on sale for public release, if you have have followed the DubClub this year you will know that we have high quality control and only aim to provide you with top quality selections

  • Limited QTY 200

  • 24 Tracks

  • 12 artists

  • 1 4GB Cre8DnB USB

  • 1 x Digital Copy

  • £30

Track previews in December but don’t wait to get your order in as you don’t want to miss out, when they sell out… they sell out… no reproductions