DUB CLUB (Sector 2)

This is a service that DJ’s have the option to sign up to in order to receive exclusive music each month from the twelve artists involved.

Blackley / Filthy Habits / Hizzleguy / Simula / Ironlung / Klay / Bou / Dutta / Profile / Skore / Jack The Ripper

Each month you will receive 4 dubs that will never be released!

The idea behind this project is to give DJ’s the opportunity to receive music that will not be released in shops, bringing back a form of dub culture that’s been missing since the digital age has come through.

  • Automatic pay monthly

  • 48 Dubs in total by end of the year

  • 4 dubs a month

  • Received on the last Day of each month

  • Dubs sent to PayPal email adress used to pay

  • Limited to 250 Spaces

Signing up late?

Don’t worry… Upgrade to the 12 month option and get all the dubs you’ve missed since the beginning of the year!



Problems with payment?

please contact info@cre8dnb.co.uk for more information.