Lukey b is a 27 year old DJ from Bedfordshire who started his career on vinyl as a bedroom DJ. Every week he would go to the local record store to buy latest releases and new tunes to add to the ever growing collection of vinyl. Lukeys influences at that time were DJ Fresh, Mampi Swift, Hazard, Roni Size (The list is endless!)

After a few years Lukey moved to the digital side, purchased some CDJ’s and started to record his own mixes to promote online. In 2010/2011 Lukey picked up his first booking at a local event called Demolition Dubz where he performed his first ever live show. With the desire to push deeper into the scene, Lukey worked hard to network with people and keep pushing out the promotion mixes to try and get more live sets.

Lukey b joined an online record label called Filthy Technique in 2013 thanks to DJ Aprentis which gave him an insight into the jump-up scene and also helped out with building his promotional skills as an individual. Lukey held a vital role in progressing the brand forward in the right areas and maintaining a positive image for the label.

As time went on, he began picking up more local bookings by the likes of Demolition Dubz, Jungle Massacre, Funky Antix and Properstock Festival . This was a positive result from all the hard work and determination he had poured into his self-promotion.

As he progressed Lukey saw the opportunity to enter Eksman’s Next Hype event and put a solo entry in to the 4th event. His mix entry was chosen as a winner to play at Fire & Lightbox in london. After this success he entered as many as he could, winning a handful of sets and playing bigger branded events including Innovation In The Dam Reunion 2015, One Nation NYE 2015, Eksmans Birthday Bash 2014 and other various Next Hype events! In-between all of this Lukey approached DJ Blackley, owner of Cre8dnb Radio. Blackley gave Lukey the opportunity to showcase his talents on the station and welcomed him into the team. Continuing to show he was a hard worker / committed and promoting the Cre8dnb brand every day, he was then told he would have a big booking come his way. Blackley had sorted out Cre8dnb having their own stage at City Flow in Belgium in 2015 and asked Lukey B to represent and do a set there!




He has also recently made his debut on Rough Tempo Radio which is another big milestone!

Lukey still continues to push his own sound aswel as everything he is involved in as hard as he can to become more noticed as an artist.

Below are links to lukey b’s facebook and soundcloud for music also booking email: every Sunday 15.30 till 16.30