Lyfie is a drum & bass DJ/Producer from Oxfordshire, UK. Back in 1999 at the young age of 13 I was introduced to drum & bass by my neighbour. Listening to lots of tape packs & watching him mix I knew from then on I wanted to become a DJ. I was mostly a bedroom DJ back then & played the odd vinyl gig in those years. I was always passionate about drum & bass, it’s been a massive part of my life, but one thing was missing. Playing out.

To get my DJ’in to a wider audience I knew I had to start producing music. When I was younger this was a lot harder & I wasn’t in the position to do it. This is where Turno came into the picture with his Time Is Now production lessons.

The start of 2015 I decided to start producing music. After playing with logic for a few months I see an advert from Turno advertising the Time Is Now project. I decided to take a lesson with him to show me the ropes, 3 months later I had another lesson with him to help me progress on the long road a head of me.

I’ve now had 3 lessons with Turno & it’s been a very enjoyable experience. I’m making tracks that have been getting support for a lot of up & coming DJ’s. I have some scheduled releases coming out in 2017 & I have also colabed with another Time Is Now student G-Boid & also one of the scenes best producers, Jaydan, who’s had releases on labels such as Playaz, Low Dow Deep, Smokin Riddims, Hospital to name a few!

In the summer of 2015 I joined up with a team from High Wycombe called Elevated Bass. Who have thrown some of the best raves in the south over the last year along with hosting room 2 at RuffStuff & Funsta’s birthday bash.

This year I have also joined up with the Cre8Dnb team doing a weekly dj show on Sundays. Sunday sessions is live from 1:30-2:30pm (UK time). Working with Cre8Dnb has been an amazing experience where I have met some very good people! Shout out to blackley for having me on the team/show.

The last year has been a crazy experience. I have played at some great events. Such as, Elevated Bass events, RuffStuff & Funsta’s birthday Bash, Time Is Now tour, Time Is Now @ Jungle Mania, Innovation, Jaydan’s Birthday Bash, Next Hype 12, Next Hype’s 3rd Birthday Bash, Audio Venom to name a few.