G-BOID hailing from Cambridgeshire, taking up DJ’ing 2 years ago he has become known for his fast paced mixing, bringing together all the different flavours of DNB into one story!

G-BOID recently embarked on the production quest about a year ago with things slowly coming together in the studio securing a release on sticky bass recordings that went to number 3 in the track it down DNB top 10.

G-BOID is a member of the Random Concept Academy, as well as being part of the Time is now team and has represented for both at some of their biggest events.

Having played at some of the best venues the UK has to offer, G-BOID has now taken his skills across to Belgium where he has represented for mutant madness.

The future is bright for G-BOID who continues to impress with his ability & technical skills upon the crossfader, 10-11pm Wednesday night you know where to be people…CRE8DNB!